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Key Person Insurance

Considering that you have already likely looked after insuring your company's assets would it not make sense to consider insuring the people and skills that make and keep your business successful? What would you do if one of your key people were to suddenly die or become disabled due to an illness or injury? How would this affect day-to-day operations? Would your business have sufficient cash reserves to fill the vacancy with a quality replacement while you determine a long term strategy? Would your lenders be concerned about the potential impact and changes occurring in your business? Would you be able to meet your new and existing customers' needs or would they find themselves looking towards a competitor for better service?

We can help you arrange appropriate coverage to provide your company with a lump sum, or a benefit paid monthly, in the event that a key person dies or becomes unable to work due to illness or injury. These funds can help to pay ongoing expenses while you fill the vacancy or compensate your company for possible loss of new and existing business.

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